Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PowerPoint Delivery Shortcuts ....

When the pressure is on and you need to deliver the goods during your Presentation don't forget the following shortcut blags :

F5 to run the Presentation, shift F5 to run from current slide in PPT 02 and 03/07

1. Use B or W to Blackout oe Whiteout the screen during talk time or using a whiteboard.
2. Use Spacebar to progress the slides and backspace if someone asks a question and you need to go back to a previous slide.
3. ESC quits the presentation
4. You can use N for next and P for Previous slide
5. dont forget Annotations, right click and choose a pen colour to then write notes on ths slides during delivery and save them at the end of your presentation for further use later !

Good luck and relax/smile and crack a few jokes ....


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