Thursday, May 17, 2007


Become MOS qualified and be the best !!


Demystify a few computer terms and get on with your life

Crabby to the rescue to bust some jargon !

JJSURF and Crabby Office Lady.

Put Word to work for you!

Five handy tips for use with MS Word courtesy of Microsoft :


Pretty Ribbons ....

Here's the Ribbon. Note the expandable Groups such as Clipboard and Font. The Office button at top left gives you access to the File Open, Save, Print commands plus others.

Home , Insert Page Layout etc are positioned across the top of the Ribbon.

Dont worry you will soon get used to it !!!


The Crabby Office Lady is alive and well !!!

Yes folks she's still around dishing out advise, like it or not check out her latest Office ravings below :

You can use Shift Control + H to open a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document from within MS Outlook.. give it a try !!


Looking to Office 2007 .... the keyboard !

Keyboard shortcuts in the 2007 Office System Whatever your reason for preferring keyboard shortcuts, take this training course and get the low-down on new and and easier ways to use the keyboard with Microsoft Office 2007.

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