Monday, December 27, 2010

Wow, over 2 thousand page views !!

"thats great news, over 2 thousand page views, many thanks people.
I will promise to keep adding new things going into 2011 as I have been neglecting the site on favour of twitter as its quick on the move to keep up to date but blogs are brilliant to educate and train/inform people and help you out with your apps issues."

Jamie J

Happy New Year for 2011

Happy New Year fellow bloggers and tweeters as this year draws to an end I wish you all health wealth and good fortune and fun for the coming year 2011.
I have had many challenges over 2010 and many memorable moments during my travels.
January was quietish but Feb I popped over to Amsterdam to deliver Excel training to a corporation I have worked with before, this was a good laugh as I had a mixed bunch of Dutch, English, Italian and Belgians on the courses.
My work has taken me far and wide across the UK, only recently down to Stonehenge for a few days work teaching Windows basics and Excel stock order systems.
Many a trek to Milton Keynes now completed I am actually starting to remember the islands !!
Manchester is imprinted on my brain aswell now.
Birmingham sees my company more than most and we are moving offices with one client I work with to new facilities which will be good.

So good luck all and enjoy your PC experiences in 2011.

Friday, November 12, 2010

All things Word and Wonderful, all blogs great and small !


mass emailer for Excel

this is VERY useful as it allows you to email to multiple people with attachments and TO, CC settings from a database list in Excel 97 - 2010.
install the add-in and away you go, it really works !!!
I had this a few years ago and its just as good now

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

test via Outlook 2010 to Blogger

Fingers crossed this works !!!


Jamie Johnson


Office 2003 to Office 2010 guides

Use the link above to get your hands on some Official Microsoft QRG's for your shiny new Office 2010 software.


Spotify for instant access to millions of tracks

Playing with allows you to search and listen to tons of tracks via its friendly interface.
Imagine you have your iTunes Library but suddenly there are millions of tracks to choose from, thne you have Spotify.

OK after your trial period runs out of about 20hrs then its £6 or so per month but that wouldnt even buy you 1 CD at todays prices.
I searched for a lot of stuff and it nearly always came up with the goods, The Hurts, Vampire Weekend, Elvis, Beatles, Ultravox, Sisters of Mercy, whatever !!!

You can tag them as favourites and create groups of tracks to play whenevr you like.


iTunes Remote Control using your iPhone

Wow, this is fun.
I can control my iTunes application on my PC and listen to my favourite tracks, search, change the volume, pause, listen to Albums, Podcats, Playlists all via my Apple iPhone.

Download the FREE app from the App Store called "Remote" and then connect to your Library remotely.

Within seconds you will be able to crank up your speakers and listen to any of your iTunes Library via the phone.
I can see this developing so with blue tooth speakers downstairs I can easily listen to my favourite music via the iPhone, Awesome !!!


New improved

New improved website makes it easier to Preview prior to posting your Blog Posts, so check it out on and click that preview button.
You can post from email aswell or a mobile phone or even from Word or Wordpress.


It's been a while ......

Hi there folks !
It's been quite a while but I have been busy with my Contract work, since setting up my own IT Training Company: I havnt had much time to update my blog aswell as my constant twittering on but today I will be posting some things on Office 2010 and other interesting tech.

Many thanks


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Office 2010 is here ....

Yes its here and a lot of people are liking it so far. Download a trial here.

Make sure you backup your user files on a regular basis, I had a crisis call from the family after pictures were deleted by mistake in Picasa, luckily the recycle bin came to the rescue as they had been deleted also from the Camera card.


Hi there, its been a while as I have been very busy on Train the Trainer assignments.

Anyway if you are short of time for training why not have a look at for all your web based video training needs.

some of the content is free to begin with so you can see if you like the style.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Skyping !

Just set up Skype and tested it out with a landline call, great quality through my speakers and the end user agreed the call was very clear.

I will be testing the video once my contacts accept my Skype requests. for the FREE download, Skype to Skype is FREE over your BBand, Skype to LandLine is about 12p per minute in the UK.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting the month end date in Excel

You need the month end dates for a range of dates on invoices, no problem in Excel

The calculation uses DATE to format the cell with Y M D and we add a month then take 1 day off it to get month end :

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy with your IT Manuals ?

Need some Training Manuals pronto ?

then use for all your training manual needs.

Register then download, then pay a small fee.



Want a Free copy of Winzip ???

then use the link above, subscribe to the offer and get Winzip in free with the deal , saves you £22


Sunday, March 21, 2010

More followers needed

Follow me !!!

as we march towards Office 2010 and Windows 7 !!!

see you there

Fancy a FREE weekend pass to some National Trust properties ?

use this link and print out the voucher PS ONLY for weekend of 20/21 March 2010 and NOT all National Trust properties

enjoy !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Desktop Wallpaper needs a Spring Clean ?

Look no further as here is a link to a massive amount of March Desktop backgrounds and they even come with a built in calendar if like me you never got round to buying one in December !

great !!


Social Web Guy and Web Evangelist has a new platform, check it out.

All things web and ASP with lots of useful stuff thrown in as well

thanks James


The comma bug when linking in PPT,
thanks to Mike Thomas for this one, If you hyperlink to a slide with a comma in its title the hyperlink just doesnt work, so follow the work-around to fix it.



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