Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Microsoft Video Website

A new site , here you can watch videos about new MS Products inc Office and Vista.
Check it out on the above link.


Microsoft Office Labs

Fancy doing some undercover Microsoft Research into new products and up and coming ideas/software betas ???
then have a look at this link below ...

go to the home page once you have looked at the about page.

... dont tell anyone else !


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PowerPoint Delivery Shortcuts ....

When the pressure is on and you need to deliver the goods during your Presentation don't forget the following shortcut blags :

F5 to run the Presentation, shift F5 to run from current slide in PPT 02 and 03/07

1. Use B or W to Blackout oe Whiteout the screen during talk time or using a whiteboard.
2. Use Spacebar to progress the slides and backspace if someone asks a question and you need to go back to a previous slide.
3. ESC quits the presentation
4. You can use N for next and P for Previous slide
5. dont forget Annotations, right click and choose a pen colour to then write notes on ths slides during delivery and save them at the end of your presentation for further use later !

Good luck and relax/smile and crack a few jokes ....


Friday, May 16, 2008

Blog from your Email to your Blogsite DIRECT !


Hi Folks

I have now discovered you can email from anywhere you have web access straight into your blog site, either as a draft or straight to live !! via a configurable email address on blogspot.

Very useful !!

This message was emailed via Outlook 2007 to the Blog site !


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Office 2007 Certification Program [MCAS/MCAP]

Hi all,
If you are now happily playing with Office 2007 then isnt it time you got some qualifications on it ?
try out this MS Link below to take you to the new certification for Office 07 and Vista via Certiport, we at QA-IQ use them to test and take exams with for our delegates and our own staff !


Thursday, March 06, 2008

You turn your back and ...

IE8 is on the doormat ...

Well not quite on general release yet but it's coming soon , watch out !!


IE for the Web !

Internet Explorer has it's own blogsite, oohh get you !

Vista Blog for the masses !!!

Link below for Vista News

Any Office Zealots out there ??

This site has some up to the minute office news and interesting articles.
Plus its now moved onto a SharePoint platform !

enjoy !!!


News for Developers and Microsoft people from Redmond, USA

Visio and Infopath Blogs

I still keep finding 'em !! :)


Groovy Project

more links to useful blogs, telling us all about the funky stuff in 2007 products !!!


More Blogs from those nice MSDN people

MSDN Excel Bloggers

MSDN provide a wealth of MS Office related Blogs, so try one for Excel for a start :


Office 2007 Bible

Use this link above to peruse the why's and wherefore's of Office 2007, from it's innception to it's features and menu's.

Many thanks to it's contributor's and collaborator's. [it is their views, so take that into account !]
This was from 2006

Microsoft keyboard shortcuts
The following table contains keyboard shortcuts for use with Microsoft keyboards.
Press this key To do this
Windows logo key Open or close the Start menu
Windows logo key +BREAK Display the System Properties dialog box
Windows logo key +D Display the desktop
Windows logo key +M Minimize all windows
Windows logo key +SHIFT+M Restore minimized windows to the desktop
Windows logo key +E Open Computer
Windows logo key +F Search for a file or folder
CTRL+Windows logo key +F Search for computers (if you are on a network)
Windows logo key +L Lock your computer (if you are connected to a network domain), or switch users (if you're not connected to a network domain)
Windows logo key +R Open the Run dialog box
Windows logo key +T Cycle through programs on the taskbar
Windows logo key +TAB Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D
CTRL+Windows logo key +TAB Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D
Windows logo key +SPACEBAR Bring all gadgets to the front and select Windows Sidebar
Windows logo key +G Cycle through Sidebar gadgets
Windows logo key +U Open Ease of Access Center
Windows logo key +X Open Windows Mobility Center

UAC is a pain in the AC

There you are with your brand spanking new Vista laptop and everything is fine but every time you want to do something a little more “adventurous” the screen dims and you have to click Continue to the security prompt just to run a utility. Its YOUR LAPTOP why keep asking for raised privileges all the time just to run stuff in the Control Panel !

Well with help from the Dummies Guide to Vista ! I managed to switch off this annoying facility, its probably great for users on a network where the stressed out admin guys are sick of users trying to install games and screen savers etc but if its your own machine why have all the extra security ?

Its called UAC, “User Account Control” and it can be disabled for all users via:

Control Panel – Administrative Tools – System Configuration -Tools – Disable UAC
(Requires a reboot unfortunately!)

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Missing Manuals

Hi all,
I have discovered after a lengthly flick through most of the Office books at "Borders" that the missing manuals books are very good. I have purchased Access 2007 and Project 2007 to start with and these say on the front :
"The book that should have been in the box". This is true, it's got a wealth of useful extras, background help, interesting utilities that I have not come across in other manuals. they are written in a nice relaxed style, brave enough to even say when a facility is rubbish or never took off.

Check them out ...

The Access 2007 book covers macros, VB, SQL ,all the basic Objects and Database theory as well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

TOP TIPS for Office

Use this link above to gain access into a wealth of top tips and shortcuts/useful things to know in Office via our friends at Microsoft !


Want a copy of Office Ultimate 2007 ??

SAVE £500 on Office 2007 !!!!!!!!

As long as you are a registered student you can get a FULL version of Office 07 for £38.95 as opposed to £549 !

Do you know your RSS from your elbow?

see the link below for all info re RSS and Blog elbows !


Fed up with the backs of envelopes? Try OneNote instead

"OneNote is a really easy way to take notes, manage and share them. You can input your own notes, grab pages from the Internet, import and annotate documents from other Office programs and organise the information to suit the way you work. You can even include audio and video notes.
Everything is stored in searchable electronic notebooks. Set up sections within a notebook, or multiple notebooks for different projects. Using hyperlinks between sections or notebooks means you can quickly access and deal with complex information. And it's all on one screen.
Take a trial Why not try OneNote for yourself? Download the trial today, and get ready to be even more productive!
Watch the demo If you'd like to find out more about OneNote's features, check out the demo. You may never buy another notebook again." - Taken from the "At Work" MS Office newsletter Jan 08

Friday, January 11, 2008

Duplicates Addin for Excel

The previous Link is for EXCEL
and it works a treat on column data when you are checking for duplicate data between the columns or rows or a highlighted area of your sheet !

Please think about donating to the creators !


The Duplicate Master

Happy New Year folks !!!

Having trouble finding duplicates and highlighting them or maybe you want to remove or delete them via a utility.
Then try this Add-in below, you will need to be able to install addins to your PC for this to work.



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