Tuesday, October 19, 2010

test via Outlook 2010 to Blogger

Fingers crossed this works !!!


Jamie Johnson


Office 2003 to Office 2010 guides


Use the link above to get your hands on some Official Microsoft QRG's for your shiny new Office 2010 software.


Spotify for instant access to millions of tracks

Playing with http://www.spotify.com/ allows you to search and listen to tons of tracks via its friendly interface.
Imagine you have your iTunes Library but suddenly there are millions of tracks to choose from, thne you have Spotify.

OK after your trial period runs out of about 20hrs then its £6 or so per month but that wouldnt even buy you 1 CD at todays prices.
I searched for a lot of stuff and it nearly always came up with the goods, The Hurts, Vampire Weekend, Elvis, Beatles, Ultravox, Sisters of Mercy, whatever !!!

You can tag them as favourites and create groups of tracks to play whenevr you like.


iTunes Remote Control using your iPhone

Wow, this is fun.
I can control my iTunes application on my PC and listen to my favourite tracks, search, change the volume, pause, listen to Albums, Podcats, Playlists all via my Apple iPhone.

Download the FREE app from the App Store called "Remote" and then connect to your Library remotely.

Within seconds you will be able to crank up your speakers and listen to any of your iTunes Library via the phone.
I can see this developing so with blue tooth speakers downstairs I can easily listen to my favourite music via the iPhone, Awesome !!!


New improved Blogger.com

New improved Blogger.com website makes it easier to Preview prior to posting your Blog Posts, so check it out on
http://www.blogger.com/ and click that preview button.
You can post from email aswell or a mobile phone or even from Word or Wordpress.


It's been a while ......

Hi there folks !
It's been quite a while but I have been busy with my Contract work, since setting up my own IT Training Company: www.jjsurf.co.uk I havnt had much time to update my blog aswell as my constant twittering on www.twitter.com/jjsurf but today I will be posting some things on Office 2010 and other interesting tech.

Many thanks


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