Monday, December 27, 2010

Wow, over 2 thousand page views !!

"thats great news, over 2 thousand page views, many thanks people.
I will promise to keep adding new things going into 2011 as I have been neglecting the site on favour of twitter as its quick on the move to keep up to date but blogs are brilliant to educate and train/inform people and help you out with your apps issues."

Jamie J

Happy New Year for 2011

Happy New Year fellow bloggers and tweeters as this year draws to an end I wish you all health wealth and good fortune and fun for the coming year 2011.
I have had many challenges over 2010 and many memorable moments during my travels.
January was quietish but Feb I popped over to Amsterdam to deliver Excel training to a corporation I have worked with before, this was a good laugh as I had a mixed bunch of Dutch, English, Italian and Belgians on the courses.
My work has taken me far and wide across the UK, only recently down to Stonehenge for a few days work teaching Windows basics and Excel stock order systems.
Many a trek to Milton Keynes now completed I am actually starting to remember the islands !!
Manchester is imprinted on my brain aswell now.
Birmingham sees my company more than most and we are moving offices with one client I work with to new facilities which will be good.

So good luck all and enjoy your PC experiences in 2011.

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