Friday, January 11, 2008

The Duplicate Master

Happy New Year folks !!!

Having trouble finding duplicates and highlighting them or maybe you want to remove or delete them via a utility.
Then try this Add-in below, you will need to be able to install addins to your PC for this to work.




Waheed وحيد said...

The site is down.

JJSurf said...

The site for this download is down, I will when I get chance post the file onto a website for downloading

cheers all JJ

dbui72 said...

JJ don't let us down!!

Please please post your duplicate master.

Every new job I go, it is the first thing I download and do to get settled on a new company computer.

Thanks again for everything.

JJSurf said...

I have now posted the files for duplicate master and the excel dictionary onto my BT Vault see my Feb 09 message regarding the link to this site, Jamie

Tom said...

The link is dead
You can download it unofficially here:

Ryan said...

Hey. The file is archived at

:) Ever hear of it? You can go back and look at your pages all the way to February 2005!

Check this out... kinda creepy... I'll be she looks a little different, ey.

Dave said...

Duplicate Master V2 is here



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