Monday, January 29, 2007

Using dynamic and static dates in Excel

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We all need to put dates and times into Excel to "timestamp" orders, deliveries and sales invoices etc.

The dynamic functions:
try putting 10,000 into a cell and format it with CTRL + 1 .
Set it to a date format. What date do you get ??? Strange but true !
Excel operates using the 1900 date system, so its 10,000 days after 1st Jan 1900. Hence 18th May 1927.

So with this in mind we can put calcs into your worksheets.

Try :

=TODAY() for todays date
=NOW() for current date and time

These will update automatically each time you recalc the sheet or open it next day !

Static Dates
If you want to time stamp your sheets use the following :

CTRL + : snapshot of current Date
CTRL + SHIFT + ; snapshot of current Time

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