Monday, January 28, 2008

Fed up with the backs of envelopes? Try OneNote instead

"OneNote is a really easy way to take notes, manage and share them. You can input your own notes, grab pages from the Internet, import and annotate documents from other Office programs and organise the information to suit the way you work. You can even include audio and video notes.
Everything is stored in searchable electronic notebooks. Set up sections within a notebook, or multiple notebooks for different projects. Using hyperlinks between sections or notebooks means you can quickly access and deal with complex information. And it's all on one screen.
Take a trial Why not try OneNote for yourself? Download the trial today, and get ready to be even more productive!
Watch the demo If you'd like to find out more about OneNote's features, check out the demo. You may never buy another notebook again." - Taken from the "At Work" MS Office newsletter Jan 08

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