Thursday, March 06, 2008

UAC is a pain in the AC

There you are with your brand spanking new Vista laptop and everything is fine but every time you want to do something a little more “adventurous” the screen dims and you have to click Continue to the security prompt just to run a utility. Its YOUR LAPTOP why keep asking for raised privileges all the time just to run stuff in the Control Panel !

Well with help from the Dummies Guide to Vista ! I managed to switch off this annoying facility, its probably great for users on a network where the stressed out admin guys are sick of users trying to install games and screen savers etc but if its your own machine why have all the extra security ?

Its called UAC, “User Account Control” and it can be disabled for all users via:

Control Panel – Administrative Tools – System Configuration -Tools – Disable UAC
(Requires a reboot unfortunately!)

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